Stokesdale - For our purposes this will be mile marker 0.0
Restroom - 4.65 miles from Stokesdale
Horse Back Trail Riding start and Ansonia Parking Area - 2.92 miles from Restroom stop
Darling Run - 1.02 Miles from Ansonia Parking Area
Turkey Path Trail - 3.51 Miles from Darling Run Parking Area
Tiadaghton Camping Area and end of Horse Back Trail Riding - 1.02 Miles from Darling Run Parking Area
Robert McCullough Jr. - 8.4 Miles from Tiadaghton Camping Area
Hoffman Camping Area - .8 Miles from Robert McCullough Jr. Parking Area
Rattlesnake Rock - 1.0 Miles from Hoffman Camping Area
Hilborn Field Restroom - 6 miles from Rattlesnake Rock Parking Area
Slate Run - 2.6 Miles from Hilborn Field Restroom
Black Walnut Bottom - 1.9 Miles from Slate Run Parking Area
Clark Farm - Utceter Station - .7 Miles from Black Walnut Bottom
Ross Run - 1.9 Miles from Clark Farm - Utceter Station Parking Area
Cammal Restroom - 2.6 miles from Ross Run Parking Area
Dry Run Restroom - 5.6 miles from Cammal Restroom
Waterville - 10.4 Miles from Ross Run
Bonnell Flats (Old Boy Scout Camp Kline Camping Area)- 4.3 miles from Waterville
Whitetail - 4.9 Miles from Waterville
Jersey Shore - 3.4 Miles from Whitetail Parking Area