Pine Creek Valley is a wonderful scenic destination in Pennsylvania that everyone should visit.

Pine Creek Valley itself begins near Ansonia where you will find the Pine Creek Gorge also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Canyon can be up to 1000 feet deep in some places. There are also many wonderful small towns and villages throughout the Pine Creek Valley, Pa. A few of those towns include the following: Cedar Run, Slate Run, Cammal, Waterville, and Wellsboro.

Pine Creek is named for the vast number of Pine Trees that surround the creek and cover the mountains in the area. The name stems from the Iroquois Indians that once called Pine Creek, Tiadaghton, or "River of Pine". Pine Creek runs from Potter County just southeast of Ulysses and ends at the Susquehanna River near the small town of Jersey Shore and covers over 80 miles. A vast number of streams and creeks feed into Pine Creek creating the largest "Creek" in the United States.

There are many "Sites to See" and attractions thoughout the Pine Creek Valley, Pa. The beautiful scenery alone is the biggest attraction, especially during Fall Foliage, but you'll find much more than that. Some of the other attractions are as follows:Peaceful nights, parks such as Little Pine State Park, Upper Pine Bottom, & and Lower Pine Bottom, the nesting Bald Eagles throughout the valley, many scenic over-looks, tons of local wildlife, and best of all clean fresh air.

If you come visit us in the Pine Creek Valley, Pa you'll find many things to do. Whether you like adventure or just relaxation you'll find what you're looking for here. For those who like excitement, you can visit my friends at the Pine Creek Valley Wild Water Association; hike or bike up mountainous trails, ride the vast snow-mobile or 4-wheeler trails, or ski and snowboard at the local ski resort. For those that are looking to relax, you'll find an abundance of fishing, hunting, boating or canoeing, quiet rides on the Pine Creek Rail Trail, floating down Pine Creek on rafts or tubes, wonderful scenery, bird watching, dining, and many small gift shops throughout the valley