Pine Creek supports a diverse fishery that includes excellent trout fishing in the upper stretches. The lower part of the creek (Waterville and downstream) affords an opportunity to target warmwater species. The Fish & Boat Commission manages Pine Creek as approved trout water along the water trail from Ansonia to Waterville. In fact, the Commission stocks trout starting at the Genesee Fork of Pine Creek and ending at Waterville, an amazing 56.7 miles of stocked stream. Pine Creek has more miles stocked with trout than any other stream in Pennsylvania.

Pine Creek also has two Delayed- Harvest sections where special regulations apply. The first section is from Ansonia (near Darling Run) to one mile downstream and ending near the confluence with Owassee Slide Hollow. A second Delayed-Harvest stretch is in Lycoming County from the mouth of Slate Run to Naval Run, a reach of about 1.2 miles.

Pine Creek's large size will challenge an angler's skills. Light- to medium- action spinning and baitcasting outfits are strongly suggested. Fly-fishing outfits of 5-weight or more and 8 feet or longer are safe bets when fishing what the "locals" call "Big Pine."

Although it holds large brown trout, Pine Creek provides more of a warmwater fishery below Waterville to the mouth near Jersey Shore. However, feisty smallmouth bass and walleyes can be caught from the canyon to the mouth. Pine Creek offers some excellent smallmouth bass fishing in the lower section. Other species in addition to trout and bass that are targeted less frequently by anglers are rock bass, suckers and carp, especially in the lower reaches.

Consult the current Pennsylvania Fishing Summary regarding Pine Creek. Use extreme caution when wading. Pine Creek is very swift, slick and unexpectedly deep in many places. Note: Fishing information was compiled by members of the Jersey Shore Area High School Boating and Fly Fishing Club.

Portions of text on this page from "Pine Creek Water Trail" by Jim Hyland (from May/June 2007 PA Angler & Boater magazine) and PA Water Trail brochure from PA Fish & Boat Commission


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