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One of baseball’s oldest and most distinguished ballparks is Williamsport’s own Bowman Field. It has been the one enduring feature during the years of Williamsport’s professional baseball experience, providing Williamsport fans many thrills, disappointments and excitement. The origins of Bowman Field occurred at a meeting of Williamsport baseball officials and city officials at the Ross Club late in the summer of 1924. The meeting concerned the building of a new ballpark, on land owned by the Williamsport Water Company, in Memorial Park. (Williamsport’s professional baseball teams had been playing at the Williamsport High School athletic field at the corner of West Third and Susquehanna Streets, now the site of the Pennsylvania College of Technology). Negotiations on this matter continued into the summer of 1925. In July, both parties were able to reach an agreement to construct a new ballpark. Prominent businessman and baseball booster, J. Walton Bowman was put in charge of fundraising.