Slate Run

On this photograph of an early 20th century amateur baseball game played at Slate Run, photographer Nelson Caulkins wrote that Slate Run defeated Blackwell 7–6 in 13 innings. Pine Creek Valley villages took pride in their teams, with the players wearing uniforms whose lettering identified their communities. The inter–village baseball heydays lasted until World War II, after which Little League eventually became predominant.

Slate Run, the second major lumber–era village on Pine Creek, had the James B. Weed and Company hemlock sawmill. Actually, there was an original Weed mill built in 1886 and a second mill in 1893, replacing the fire–destroyed first.

Even the first, with its daily output capacity of 60,000 feet, dwarfed the Wood and Childs’ mill in Cammal, which could only cut 40,000 feet per day. Weed’s second mill had a large gang saw that increased output capacity to 100,000 feet per day. Also, Weed’s mill ran for 24 years (1886–1910), whereas Wood and Childs’ only operated for 10 (1895–1905).

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