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A vibrantly colored Eastern Milk Snake, often mistaken for a Copperhead, found on the Rail Trail near Waterville. Pine Creek Valley Photo Gallery
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Carol Rebar looks at dead black bear found along rail trail north of Cammal (photo by Joseph Rebar). Missing old stone milemarker L-157 has been spotted on private property in Waterville. It is visible looking west from the south side of the bridge over Little Pine Creek. DCNR has been notified. It is this writer's belief that it should be returned to its original location at the side of the rail trail for the enjoyment of all. Winter photo of Ramsey Bridge. Photo submitted by Zack Maffett.
Soaring Bald Eagle Photo submitted by Zack Maffett. Black bear on mountainside off the rail trail just above the Dry Run Comfort Station before Jersey Mills. Photo by Dave Kagan First snake of the year--a garter--on the trail just below Waterville. Photo by Dave Kagan
Danville's Boy Scout Troop 37 was out on a scheduled 20-mile hike along the Pine Creek Rail Trail on Saturday, May 21, 2011, to count towards their hiking merit badges. They are photographed on the north side of the trail bridge over Pine Creek at Torbert Village. Their weekend campsite was at Little Pine State Park. Boy Scout Troop 34, out of Bellefonte, PA, camped at the Bonnell Flat adirondack sheds just below Ramsey Village and just above the old Camp Kline Boy Scout grounds. The nine scouts and six leaders stayed the nights of Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14. During the day Saturday, they canoed down Pine Creek from Black Walnut Bottom below Slate Run to Hamilton Bottom above Waterville. : Biker successfully pedaling over a birch tree fall on the Pine Creek Rail Trail at the Camp Kline area south of Ramsey Village, May 30, 2011.
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