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Transformation Of Pine Creek By The Gas Industry

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Transformation Of Pine Creek By The Gas Industry
By David Ira Kagan

       During the first week of May 2011, the face of Pine Creek about six miles above Jersey Shore was changed by Pennsylvania General Energy Company (PGE). Construction for a water extraction site included the creation of a large, horseshoe-shaped, stone “dam” that stretches to what looks to be about two-thirds of the way across Pine Creek. The stone formation rises a number of feet above the level of the water, solid enough to support heavy machinery, as shown in the photograph.
       Questions arise. Were Watson Township’s Supervisors and Zoning Hearing Board members made aware of the details of this aspect of water extraction at the site? Is such a construction (clearly a hindrance to the current and a danger to boaters) sanctioned by DEP? Will the public embrace this as a welcome and necessary transformation of Pine Creek?

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