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Gas Industry Truck Traffic Extends Further Up Pine Creek Valley
By David Ira Kagan

       As this photograph of June 21, 2011, shows, the Marcellus shale gas industry trucking has incurred further north into the Pine Creek Valley beyond Waterville. These two construction trucks are headed south along Route 414 across the bridge over Pine Creek at Jersey Mills.
       Trucks have been traveling up and down this narrow state road the six miles from Waterville to Truman Run Road, between the sleepy villages of Jersey Mills and Cammal. They then go up and down the steep, dirt Truman Run Road to the mountaintop settlement called Okome.
       From there they rumble back Schoolhouse Road several miles to Huntley Road, raising the dust on these two, old dirt roads also. Near the east end of Huntley Road (which dead ends), and near the edge of Huntley Mountain almost overlooking Pine Creek and Waterville, they make their deposits at and take away “residual waste” from the Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) gas well-pads located there.
       With this development up at the “Okome/Huntley” site and another gas industry water withdrawal direct out of Pine Creek planned at Cammal Village, it is an interesting, perhaps horrifying, question whether the “Marcellus march” up this once serene, recreational area will continue to Slate Run, Cedar Run and Blackwell, the latter which is at the southern end of the magnificent Pine Creek Gorge.

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