McConnell's Country Store
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10853 North Route 44 Hwy | Waterville, PA 17776
(570) 753-8241

Welcome to McConnell's Country Store, located in Waterville, approximately 10 miles from the bottom of the Pine Creek Valley. McConnell's carries almost anything you may need for your trip to the valley. You'll find gifts for the person at home, camping gear for the night under the stars, tons of fishing gear, and much more. Stop in and talk with Glenn, the owner of the store, and he'll have many suggestions on things you can do in the area, but to be more specific, Glenn is an avid fisherman who knows where to find the best fishing in the area. If you're out riding the Pine Creek Rail Trail, be sure to use McConnell's easy off ramp to stop in and grab a sub or a snack. So, when you visit the Pine Creek Valley, be sure to stop in at McConnell's Country Store and see what they have to offer. McConnell's accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Also, if for any reason you may be running low on cash, you can use the ATM inside the store. As always, thank you for visiting Pine Creek! Don't forget to mention us if you get a chance to talk with Glenn. To learn more about McConnell's Country Store, please visit their website at

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